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وَاللَّهُ خَيْرُ الرَّازِقِينَ

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Tourmaline Deal Tourmaline deal includes bi colour, peach, green colours.
Amethyst Crystals Get Amethyst Crystals big size in a very good price in wholesale
Natural Zircon Gemy, Lusterous 26 Carats 19 Pieces Zircon
Tribal Bracelets Variety of Tribal, Kuchi and Antique Bracelets Available
Gypsy Tribal Jewelries Folk Market offers wide variety of gypsy, tribal, boho jewelry.


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Natural Rough Gemstones

Rough Crystals

Featured  I Amethyst Aquamarine I   Peridot  / Lapislazuli  I  Rutile Quartz I Black Tourmaline I Serpentine I Agate I Iron Tiger I Oynx 

Faceted Cut Gemstones

Fine Mineral Specimens

Featured  Lapislazulli  I  Tourmaline  I   Quartz I  Emerald  I  Minerla Specimens  I  Other Rough cut gemstones rocks

Gemstones Cabochons and Tumbles

Featured  Emerald I Ruby I Tourmaline I Lapis I Agate I Serpentine I Iron Tiger I Calcite I Turquoise I Aquamarine I Peridot I Anethyst I Citrin I Miscel

Afghan Antique Kuchi Jewelry

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