Folk Market held its Natural Gemstones and Jewelry display during International Mega Event 2015 hosted by SAARC and Wexnet at Expo Centre, Lahore, Pakistan from 4th December, 2015 to 6th December, 2015. The event specifically gave chance to local women entrapreneurs to present their work in the exhibition. There were many females belonging to different areas of Pakistan including from SAARC countries such as India, Bangladesh, Sirilank and Nepal. 

This was the right time, we captured the local audience. There were 400+ stalls in the event including international business owners. There were approximately 3000 too 6000 visitors per day. Folk Market presented natural gemstones and tribal jewelry in modern style. It captured the mind of People who came to Folk Market stall for maximum time to make them aware of all products.

The women, young girls and youngesters specially loved the handmade macrame' crystal healing jewelry, natural gemstone cabochons, kuchi jewelry, thai jewelry. There were also some rough form of fine mineral specimens in which young students of gems and jewelry designing took much interest. 

Here are some glimpse of Folk Market stall during the Mega event.

 Folk Market display booth of gems and jewelry at Expo  

 Centre, Lahore, Pakistan



Variety Natural gemstones were put in the stall.


Amethyst Jewelry set with silver sterling 925



 Silver Sterling Ring with Natural Gemstones


Thai gold plated jewelry



The dummy wearing traditional jewelry was looking awesome.


Natural Gemstones collected from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran



side view of folkmarket stall



Rush at Folk Market stall



Beautiful net dress with addition of kuchi pendants and work on it 


Beautiful afghan kuchi necklace



Front view of folkmarket stall


Different natural gemstones from pakistan, iran, Afghanistan



silver sterling earings made of natural lapislazulli


variety of natural gemstone in stall



Dummy wearing beautiful kuchi necklace


varieties of natural gemstone



Embroidery beads pieces


View of stall



 Folk Market Model on Flex captured the audience mind


Tribal Kuchi bracelets in display



Traditional Wears at Stall


Crystal Healing Pendants in silver and Macrame' art



Silver Sterling Natural Turquoise Jewelry set 


Different gemstones display



Shining Gemstones 


Customer looking at different kuchi jewelry designs 



Gemstone roll up stand was awesome


Natural Lapislazulli in presentation



Traditional wear


Folk Market Display Booth



Gold Plated Jewelry Set


Folk Market Display



 Folk Market gemstone and jewelry stall


 Folk Market display front view



Beautiful Model at Folk Market Stall


Traditionl Wear