Start Up businesses are always challenging ever. Building or starting a startup business or executing start up business idea is always exciting, interesting and inspiring. Young or New Entrepreneurs has to face a lot of problems. They can be economical, social, lack of knowledge or platform. Startup Entrepreneur must be aware of building team, sense to get work from team, share your values, mission and goals with industrial game players. They need to choose right way for moving ahead. This is also linked with targeting right market. They need to present their services and products in innovative ways. They also have to separate themselves from conventional industrial competitions.

Folk Market is going to participate in the startup festival being conducted by Startup Magazine Pakistan

There will be various activities such as following:-

  1. Start Up Brand Display
  2. Food Festival
  3. Music Concert
  4. Award Ceremony



Award Ceremony  and Start Up Brands Display


Music Concert and Food Festival

Folk Market has got chance to display its young craftsmen’ products in this festival. Anyone can come to this event and meet us directly. The following products will be displayed:-

  1. Collection of Natural Gemstones
  2. Antique / Vintage / Gypsy / Tribal Jewelry
  3. Wears
  4. Shoes

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