Females play vital role in the progress of national or worldly economy. Females are getting more aware about starting their businesses. They are introducing their businesses as brands very creatively. Pakistani females are also actively participating in displaying their products to the society. Exhibitions are big chance to present their products. Folk Market has engaged many females to work with us and we have added a lot of female brands, collections, products on the platform of Folk Market. 

There fore, we are displaying our stall on following dates at WEBEX. 

WOMEN BRAND EXPO and FOLK MARKET Natural Gemstones & Jewelry Display 
Venue: Flatties Hotel, Behind Assembly Hall, Lahore
Date: 7th to 8th May, 2016
Timing: 10:00AM to 10:00PM
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There are more events of folkmarket.com are coming this year. Seeing people requests and response, We think it is necessary to display our products with locals. We hope this will be good opportunity for those who want to meet us and our team in Folk Market. Bring your family members also.

It would be great opportunity to look around female brands under the shadow of Folk Market. We will keep on announcing the events. For the time being WEBEX is a great opportunity. Mark going and invite your friends also.