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Gems Cabochons, Tumbles, Beads

Gems Cabochons, Tumbles, Beads

Welcome to Folk Market Rock Shop. We offers you unique, cut polished Cabochons and tumbles in different natural gemstones cut and polished by the expert lapidary cutters and artists. There are different shapes of cut / polished cabochons and tumbles. Among them popular are  five basic styles: single, double, lentil, hollow, and reverse. The general outline, or shape as viewed from above, is circular, oval, rectangular, heart-shaped, or irregular. 

The cabochon cut produces a curved or convex, smooth surface, while faceting creates a highly symmetrical shape, with flat, planar surfaces. A tumbler will produce a uniform, super bright polish on almost any small, smooth object made from especially rutile quartz, lapislazuli, agate, garnet, tourmaline, serpentine, calcite and many others.

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