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وَاللَّهُ خَيْرُ الرَّازِقِينَ

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Himalayan Salt Grains, chunks, powder and others

Himalayan Natural Pink Salt are extracted from the mines of Pakistan and they are kept in 100% natural form. This is absolutely un processed and unrefined salt. The reason is to keep the natural properties in its original form. It has some 84 trace elements necessary for human body. These natural pink salt chunks are mined in the Himalayan mountains and kept in its natural state. As such this unprocessed and unrefined salt maintains its healthful properties including some 84 trace minerals that are naturally occurring in the human body. There are multiple uses of Natural Himalayan Salt chunks, grains or powder some of them are listed below:-


  • Natural deodorant
  • Soothes irritation from poison ivy
  • Treat acne


  • Bath Salt
  • Sauna or steam room - ionize the air

Benefits and Uses
Trace Minerals: With 80+ more elements than just sodium and chloride, it includes trace minerals that the body needs.

Pollution Free: Formed over millions of years, it is not processed like white salt. Completely free from pesticides, PCBs and other synthetic chemicals.
Salt stores forever: Potentially already millions of years old, there is no expiration date! We also already know you can make salted meats to preserve their storage life plus salt makes other foods turn into preparedness foods.
Salt helps prevent dehydration: This is why animals enjoy salt licks, salt is an essential compound that allows your body to store water and move water among your cells.

Note: We have also facility for our valuable customers who purchase from us in bulk, wholesale and large containers. All type of importers, traders, dealers, retailers can contact M/S SHF (entity of Folk Market Brand).

Being manufacturer and provider of Himalayan Salt lamps, bricks, tiles, candles, cooking blocks, grains, edible salt, industrial salt, animal salt licks, M/S SHF offers awesome attractive cheap prices, quality, delivery and customer services. Samples of products can be order here in this site of " Folk Market". 

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