Why we call Folkmarket " The Best Online Jewelry Store"?

Why we call Folkmarket " The Best Online Jewelry Store"?

Why we call Folkmarket " The Best Online Jewelry Store"? There are many reasons. 

Folkmarket Gems and Jewelry was established in 2014 under the company name M/S SHF. Folkmarket is a brand name that is also a registered trademark. Some of the features of folkmarket are listed below:-

1- Handmade Jewelry

People like handmade jewelry a lot. As handmade jewelry is always a unique and adorable look. Different people have different ideas about jewelry. A variety of minds create a variety of jewelry designs that one even can not get with popular brands. In this global world, everyone wants to have a unique look. Handmade jewelry fulfills and satisfies this instinct of the buyer. Folkmarket provides a variety of handmade jewelry. We encourage the local artisans to show their skills to the international level. The collection of jewelry is collected from all over Pakistan. 

2-Custom Designs

We also offer custom designs in gypsy jewelry, kuchi jewelry especially. You can also get a lot of ideas from our kuchi stuff to make new and beautiful jewelry. You can give new life to the old jewelry by using our antique and kuchi jewelry wholesale stuff. We give the opportunity to our customers for sending designs in a sketch about pendants, rings, necklaces, or earrings matching gypsy or kuchi jewelry style. We can make such custom designs in bulk.


3- Antique Jewelry

Folkmarket is also the best jewelry store online because we provide the antique jewelry also. Antique Kuchi jewelry is a trending item in jewelry around the world. We have been collecting a variety of jewelry collections around the globe. Among them, Kashmir jewelry, Afghan Kuchi Jewelry, Pakistan Kuchi Jewelry has a unique place. The reason behind the uniqueness of this type of jewelry is that style of jewelry is still the same from the last many thousand years. Kuchi people or tribal people still hold those ancient values, traditions, and cultures. They still wear such jewelry which is worn by both men and women. 

4- Variety of Jewelry

Folkmarket also offers a variety of jewelry. There can be handmade yarn made jewelry, kuchi jewelry, silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry, and much more. 

 4- Return Policy

Folkmarket offers a flexible return policy for its customer which can be read here.

5- Safe Payment Gateway

We offer the safest payment gateway. There are two types of payment gateways: Paypal (which is on-site being supported by 2checkout) Credit Card / Visa Card which is also being supported by 2Checkout.com

There is also another Paypal option. One can write us an email at info@folkmarket.com so we can send a manual invoice. For this, one can email us. For more read here..

6- Shipping Policy

Shipping policy can be read here..

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