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Women rapidly growing rate of inspirational women entrepreneurs, serving their country for a couple of years, has drawn the attention of both the academic and developing sectors. It has helped Pakistan to build a positive image in the world. Women's participation in gems and jewelry business is increasing day by day all over the world including Pakistan.

Pakistani Woman


Pakistan has been praising women's endeavors and motivating them by providing a variety of opportunities to showcase their talent.

Yearly exhibitions are held to give them an opportunity to exhibit their creativity and support initiative to empower the women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Women entrepreneurs have been successfully doing business in textile garments, handicrafts, and fashion designing, fancy candles of international quality, jewelry, handmade gift items, leather garments, furniture, and fixtures. Women are also active in various sports and educational fields in Pakistan and have already got a prominent place on national, regional, and international levels.

Expo Pakistan is the biggest trade fair in Pakistan, showcasing the largest stockpile of Pakistan’s export merchandise and services. Foreign exhibitors, from neighboring countries, also take benefit of this platform to launch their products.

Exhibitions in Pakistan

Annually, the four day Expo Pakistan has become the primary sourcing point of a large number of businesses worldwide, giving them a head start on the buying and ordering for coming seasons.


Lahore’s Alhamra Art Gallery arranges the annual Young Artists Exhibition to introduce new growing talent. Besides, many other platforms are introducing excellent ways to exhibit creative women entrepreneurs’ work including many organizations.

Pakistan Fashion Council, a non-profit organization, aims to promote new talent by creating opportunities and works for the development and growth of the fashion industry by introducing many ways of promotion.

US-Pakistan Women’s council, launch in 2012, aims to support women entrepreneurs to promote their businesses at the national and international levels.

Fashion Pakistan, single largest Platform for fashion designers, fashion entrepreneurs, and fashion journalists, collects Pakistan's leading fashion houses and new emerging talent together on one platform. Being a part of the alliance created by the Council of International Fashion Designers, Fashion Pakistan has an understanding of working together to promote and support our designers in the global market place.

To boost to uplift entrepreneur businesses, WomenX is trying to unleash the women’s exponential power in Pakistan. It is a World Bank-funded Global initiative that focuses to encourage women business owners. womenx is the only initiative program counted as a nominee for the category of “Empowered Women” in GSC 3S Awards.

Women are encouraged to go ahead as a rising talent and make their identification in every field with excellent platforms to make Pakistan proud and attain achievements.

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