Gemstone jewelry is always liked by every kind of person, especially by women. If the gemstones are natural and from the organic world, they will be attracted by people more widely. Many gemstone jewelries is purchased on some occasions or to give someone as a gift item, wedding, engagements, valentine occasions etc.

Crystal Healing

In Natural Gemstones jewelry, mostly jewelry is related to Emerald, Ruby, Aqua, Lapislazuli, Pearl, Agate, Garnet, Peridot, Amethyst, Topaz, Turquoise, Oynx, Calcite, Serpentine etc. Today, many experts have made a research to produce synthetic gemstones to fulfill public demand. You will get synthetic gemstone jewelry as well all around you. However natural gemstone jewelry still has unique importance among people. Its value can not be compared to that of synthetic.

Pakistan Northern Areas are full of Gemstones

As such, Natural gemstone jewelry can be found both in Silver Sterling Jewelry and Afghan Kuchi Gypsy Tribal Jewelry at Folk Market. Afghanis use mostly world-famous natural lapislazuli in their jewelry. However, to keep afghan jewelry in its original form, they should be carefully cleaned with a soft cotton cloth.

People attract most of the cut uncut stones in different Shapes. Many online stores provide gemstones in different styles of jewelry at the cheapest price. Natural gemstones have value in terms of price as no one can fix the price. The more the stone is unique, pure, clear, the more its price is high.

Natural gemstones can never be compared to that of synthetically processed gemstones. Nature has its own manufacturing secrets about which man is himself not aware fully.

“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” ~George Eliot

People's trend is increasing towards naturalism. Man tends to nature because of his own naturalism which Nature has put into him. People in every walk of life, from every country USA, Australia, Europe and the Middle East especially like natural gemstones.

Here are given some famous gemstones with their names in Arabic.

English Name Gemstone Arabic Name Gemstone
Emerald أخضر زمردي

Ruby ياقوت

Quartz كوا رتز؛ مرو

Aquamarine زمرد

Tourmaline تورمالين

Serpentine مُتَطَوِّي

Lapis Lazuli اللازورد

Amethyst البَنَفْسَجِيَّةُ الأُرْجُوانِيَّة

Topaz لتوباز : حجر كريم مختلف الاشكال و الالوان؛ حَجَرٌ كَريم؛ زبرجد

Pearl لُؤْلُؤَة

Red Coral بسذ؛ مرجاني

Turquoise Phiroza

Agate حجر يماني

Garnet بجادي؛ عقيق أحمر؛ غازنين؛ مرفاع؛ مقيق

Sapphire زفير؛ صفير؛ معدن نفيس؛ ياقوت أزرق

Peridot حَجَرٌ كَرِيم؛ زبرجد

It is wonderful now that these gemstones are available in natural gemstone jewelry now in online stores by gems collectors or gems crafters who develop crafts in form of Sterling silver 925 in those gemstones. This is especially true in today's marketplace where misrepresented gemstones, under-karated precious metals, and shoddy craftsmanship are all too common. Natural and organic gemstones can be easily recognized if they are in raw form, natural or uncut form. This is also the reason that trend is increasing among people regarding uncut gemstone jewelry.

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