How do I find the Right Healing Crystal?

How do I find the Right Healing Crystal?

Introduction to Healing Crystals

For centuries, healing crystals have been used for healing purposes as well as due to their spiritual importance. They hold rich cultural significance and history and never fail to attract the interest of people.

Healing crystals are considered to possess energy when interacting with the human body. They are supposed to promote body balance and harmony. It is also considered to be a source of emotional wellbeing, relaxation, pain relieving as well as addressing issues such as discomfort, anxiety and trauma.

History of crystal healing practices

Healing crystals have a rich and diverse historical span. Their importance can be identified by their wide range use by ancient civilizations.

  1. The Greeks and Romans believed that healing crystals were the means of connecting them to their gods and goddesses.
  2.  In Hinduism, crystals were associated with chakras which balance body energies.
  3. Ancient Chinese used to relate crystals to yin (passivity and cooling) and yang (energizing and warming).

 2. How does energy work in crystals? 

This concept is widely accepted in holistic practices. Stones are believed to possess a specific frequency based on their molecular structure, composition as well as color. When humans interact with the stone it is believed that their energy matches with  frequency of this crystal causing harmonizing  and balancing effects.

Crystals are believed to possess different types of energies. One of which is Vibrational energy where they are believed to vibrate at a specific frequency as they get interacted by humans. Crystals possess high frequency levels, so when humans interact with crystals, the human energy is shifted to a higher level. This energy  plays a key role in healing.

In this era, talking about these effects is still debatable and for scientific proofs more research is required to understand these mechanisms.

3.Before buying a healing crystal, know your needs

Identifying specific areas of life where physical, spiritual and emotional healing are needed can be deeply personal  process. In this process the main action is to take out time and do self-reflection to see which areas in life you need support. By identifying the specific area that requires  healing it is convenient to choose the stone that matches or resonates with your needs or requirements.

Self assessment exercises that can help in this regard are body scan meditation , emotional check in etc.

In Body Scan Meditation you have to  find a calm and quiet place where you sit, then close your eyes and try to focus and look for areas of weakness or pain and try to relax in the natural environment.

In Emotional check in you need to sit and ask yourself what you feel. Then raise the intensity to feel the factor that is contributing to emotional discomfort. It helps in pinpointing the problem and its treatment.

4. How many types of healing crystals are there

The world of healing crystals is diverse. Different crystals have different healing capacities. Using crystals for healing is a pseudoscientific practice of holistic medicine. Some of the popular healing crystals are amethyst, clear quartz, citrine, selenite and obsidian.

Healing crystals can be classified according to their composition

  1. Silicate stones such as amethyst, citrine and quartz which promote spirituality, prosperity, mental clarity, creativity and aiding in digestion.
  2. Stones belonging to the class of volcanic glass such as obsidian is believed to absorb negative energies.
  3. Stones containing Aluminium oxide such as sapphires and rubies are good for pain alleviation and detoxification of body.

Healing Crystals can also be categorized by colours:

  1. White coloured stone is usually associated with purity and clarity
  2. Red colour defines passion and vitality. 
  3. Orange is associated with joy and excitement. 4 Yellow is associated with positivity and mental clarity. 
  4. Green shows growth and promotes emotional healing. 
  5. Blue is associated with communication and intuition. 
  6. Classification on the basis of metaphysical properties 
  7. Soothing Crystals provide relaxation, peace of mind and help one to get rid of stress and depression.
  8. Amplifying Crystals which amplify wealth. prosperity, power and authority.
  9. Defensive Crystals for protection against evil eye and negative emotions.
  10. Wisdom Crystals that promote wisdom, maturity and intelligence.

5. Selecting the correct crystal for yourself 

Factors to consider when selecting a healing crystal 

Intuition or inner guidance should be trusted while  selecting a crystal. It leads to right direction in choosing the crystal  that best aligns with your requirements.

Research is also necessary about the properties, associations and the use of gemstones. Physical sensations should be given attention while selecting a stone. They can provide valuable feedback helping a lot in choosing the stone. Choose a stone aligning with your personality. For this purpose colour, shape and texture should be considered carefully.

Tips for connecting with crystals to determine compatibility

  • It involves turning yourself into energy offered by stones or listening to your intuition. 
  • Clarify your intentions before interacting with the crystal
  •  Try to focus on what you want to experience or achieve something.

While interacting with a healing crystal, use your senses.

  •  Observe its texture and colour. 
  • Try to smell natural fragrance of stone if there is. 
  • Try to feel or listen to the sound the stone is emitting.

6. Types of some crystals and their common healing properties 

Healing Properties of some popular crystals are as follows:

  1. Amethyst, a purple coloured stone which promotes spirituality, prevents insomnia and acts as a natural tranquilizer. Amethyst stone is known for its use to alleviate headaches and tension. It is used for treatment for insomnia, calming of mind , reducing anxiety etc 
  2. Citrine, a yellow coloured stone associated with prosperity, creativity and aiding in digestion.Citrine supports body health keeping the body metabolism in order to alleviate ingestive as well as digestive disorders. 
  3. Obsidian, black coloured crystal is believed to absorb negative energies, eliminate post traumatic stress and encourage self growth. 
  4. Selenite,  white coloured stone significant for removing energy block  and acting as an anti oxidant thus it slows down aging and prevents cancer. Selenite due to its anti oxidant properties can slow down the aging process. 
  5. Clear Quartz, transparent crystal quartz also called the Master Healer is significant for harmonizing energy, neutralizing electrochemical smog, detoxification of body, pain relief and mental clarity. Specific ailments or conditions each crystal is believed to address. 
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  6. Rose quartz supports heart well being both physically and emotionally, promoting emotional balance, love, self confidence and empowering compassion and forgiveness

 7. How can I clean and charge my crystals?

Importance of cleansing and charging crystals

Cleaning of crystals is necessary  to maintain their efficacy and to ensure they are still potent and clear. Cleansing creates a deeper connection between humans and the stone. Different methods for cleansing and charging crystals.

  • You can clean them by rinsing them with water to wash away impurities
  • Place them in sunlight to energize and clean them. 
  • In case of smudging, herbs are used . 
  • Crystals can be placed under moonlight to energize them and to let them revive their clear look.

8. Conclusion 

Finding right crystal is necessary based on your feeling and intuition trusting your inner guidance. Experiment the principles above mentioned in your selection attempt. Remember the journey is deeply personal and empowering . So trusting yourself can lead to right crystal for profound feelings and well being.

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