How do I find Wholesale Crystal Suppliers?

How do I find Wholesale Crystal Suppliers?

What is Wholesale Crystal Market?

Wholesale business is a kind of trade in which goods are bought in bulk at discounted prices from manufacturers or wholesalers and then sold to consumers for higher prices.

In a wholesale crystal market, crystals, minerals and gemstones are sold in bulk to the retailers at lower prices.

Why you need to buy Wholesale Crystals?

There is a rapid increase in demand of crystals worldwide.

Uses of Crystals in Daily life: Unique designs of jewellery are being produced because of glamour and enchanting beauty of crystals.

Crystals used in home decor add a tinge of sophistication in our rooms. Moreover, in Feng shui technique, crystals are used to harmonise energy in houses.

It is believed that crystals are the means of holistic healing. Crystals can promote wisdom, love, loyalty and mindfulness, heal certain diseases and enhance immunity.

Advantages of Buying Wholesale Crystals

In order to buy crystals for business, the best choice is to contact a wholesale distributor. Significance of buying wholesale gemstones is as follows:

Consistency: Wholesalers provide a consistent supply of crystals. They ensure that supply of crystals to the buyer is secure and efficient.

Quality Control: Wholesale distributors have great experience and knowledge about grading and identification of crystals. They make sure that buyers get genuine and high-quality crystals.

Legitimate Trade: Wholesale vendors ensure that the sourcing and trade of crystals are in accordance with official laws and no illegal means are used.

Convenience: In a wholesale market, one can get the desired product easily at a low price. It is easier for the buyer to get multiple types of crystals within the confines of one market. Moreover, they facilitate the customer to choose the right crystals.

Customisation Options: Wholesalers provide customisation options to the customers providing specific design and special packaging exactly according to the demand of customers.

Saving cost of retail business:  Wholesale markets offer large quantities of crystals with great discounts. For wholesalers,  transaction cost per unit is reduced when they sell crystals in bulk and reduced price is then passed by retailer to his customers.  It is also easier for the buyer to bargain while negotiating about prices of crystals with wholesalers. 

Understanding Crystal Types and Quality

There are numerous types of crystals which can be identified by specific characteristics.

  • Colour 
  • Clarity
  • Luster
  • Carat Weight
  • Cut
  • Hardness
  • Inclusions
  • Optical properties

Some crystals found most commonly in market along with their qualities are listed below:


  • Deep purple colour
  • Minimal inclusions
  • Large carat weight


  • No visible inclusions
  • Deep yellowish orange colour 
  • Even colour distribution

Most of the Citrine stones found in markets are formed from amethyst. The colour of amethyst determines the resulting hue of Citrine.


Garnets occur virtually in almost all colours but most popular garnets have

  • Reddish hue
  • High brilliance


  • Consistent thickness throughout slab
  • Durability
  • Heat resistance 

Researching Wholesale Crystal Suppliers

The customer has to be very careful while researching reliable wholesale crystal suppliers. Some of the useful ways to find out a suitable raw wholesale crystal supplier are described below:

Using Search Engines

One can search for wholesale crystal suppliers by searching them on Google.

Trade Shows

Crystal exhibitions and trade shows are the sites where one can meet different wholesale crystal suppliers and compare  products and deals of different vendors. Close examination of different features of crystals is possible at such exhibitions. The visitor can have an idea about trends. Crystal of interest can also be purchased at the trade show.

Famous Online Marketplaces

There are authentic online marketplaces such as Folk market  for wholesale crystals which deal in best quality crystals worldwide.

Trade Directories

Trade directories like Alibaba, Thomas net etc. serve to connect buyers to the wholesale crystal suppliers based on location and desired products.

Verification of Supplier’s Credentials

Validation of a wholesaler can be confirmed through business registration with government, industry certification, testimonials, ratings and reviews of customers about his products. Verify their product sourcing and mining practices. 

Contacting and Evaluating Suppliers

Email:  Wholesale suppliers can be reached out via email. Introduce yourself first. Then write down features of products you want to buy. Also ask about pricing of crystals.

Contact number: Wholesalers can also be contacted through phone numbers.

Personal Visits: The retailer can personally visit wholesalers which is the best way to find a reliable wholesaler.

While communicating with wholesale suppliers, the customer should inform them about his priorities regarding crystals. Customers should get information about: 

Minimum order quantity (MOQ): Minimum quantity of product is the quantity of crystals that can be purchased in one order.

Pricing: Price of crystals should be discussed with the seller.

Shipping policies: Both the domestic and international shipping options are available. Shipping charges and delivery time varies depending on the destination. Charges also depend on weight of package.

Return Options: Return policy is available if the crystals are damaged or the customer is not satisfied with the product.

Comparing Pricing and Terms

When the customer visits wholesalers, he should compare their rates and quality of crystals, their terms and conditions, minimum order quantity and shipping policies. This helps to get high quality crystals within a reasonable price.

Negotiation Techniques for better deals:

  • While negotiating about prices it is necessary for one to stay positive and well mannered. 
  • Balanced approach should be used to get the best deal.
  •  Self-confidence is the most important factor during communication. 
  • Prioritize mutual benefits of both parties. This will help to win the favour of the other party.
  • Pay heed to the information given to you by the wholesaler regarding the emerging trends.
  • There should be an open talk between the wholesale supplier and buyer regarding demands of both of them.
  • Terms and conditions should be discussed before finalising the deal.

Building Long-Term Relationships

It is necessary to have long term relationships with wholesale suppliers for

  • Consistent, uninterrupted supply of crystals to the retailer.
  • Getting the exact product of best quality.
  • Mutual growth of both parties.

Long term relationships are possible only if both parties trust each other. This relationship is of great importance in case of short term economic crises.

Adapting to Market Trends and Changes

Knowledge of emerging trends in markets is very important for the development of a business. A businessman must be aware of customer preferences, economic conditions, industrial revolution and advancements in technology. 

This is the age of aesthetics. Such products attract customers and build their trust in business. Adapting to trends is a promising strategy to remain competitive in market.

According to evolutionary changes in market trends, it is necessary to reshape  business strategies as well as relationship with suppliers. It is important to communicate with the suppliers and inform them about innovative business ideas in accordance with the need of the modern era.

Conclusion and next steps

Wholesale crystal suppliers provide crystals in bulk not only at low cost but also with consistency. 

Reliable wholesale suppliers can be reached out by online search, at trade shows and in trade directories. It is necessary to verify the credentials of wholesale suppliers by going through reviews and testimonials about their trade.

Good negotiation skills can help customers get the best deal. Long term relationship with wholesale distributors is crucial for business of crystals.

So, if someone wants to step in the realm of crystal business, he must acknowledge the importance of wholesale crystal suppliers and develop a committed relationship with them for progress of business.

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