How Natural Gemstone Forms to be in Specific Shape?

How Natural Gemstone Forms to be in Specific Shape?

The formation of natural gemstones is very critical, exhausted, and exists in a long period of time. Many gemstones are found in deep earth under extreme pressure and heat. Some examples are of red garnet and diamond. Many things take part in the formation of gemstone such as atmosphere, time, pressure, heat, ingredients. Usually, they appear or reach the surface of the earth during the uplift of mountain formation, earthquakes, mining operations, magmas surging up from the earth. Especially when lava reaches the Earth's surface and later cools, it reveals on the earth.

Almost all gems are formed below the Earth's surface.

  • Some are brought to the surface through mining
  • Some are brought to the surface through earth processes (faulting, folding, large scale uplift, volcanism). T
  • these processes can move a rock up from more than 400 km below the surface.

There is a long process of forming one natural gemstone. As no human hand participates informing. What needs to form? Simple there are two things 1) Mother Earth 2) Long period of time. There happen many processes of earth atmosphere, chemical processing, and mineral combinations. Every gemstone properties can be recognized by its specific scientific formulas the scientists have made so far after research and experiments. Forming natural gemstones is a process of a long period of time without touching by human hands. There are some facts that participate in forming of natural gemstones:-

  • Quantity of minerals, ingredients
  • Time
  • Heat
  • Temperature or atmosphere
  • Pressure
  • Space

Natural gemstones can not be replaced, altered, or enhanced. They can only be cut or polished.

Where they can be Found?

They can be found in the deep earth, on cliffs, running water of rivers, and many other places.

Deep Earth

On Rocks


In Rivers

Origin of Natural Gemstones?

The main origin of natural gemstones from which crystal pendants are made is the northwest mountain areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan and Afghanistan are rich in precious, semi-precious gemstones, rocks, minerals, and fine mineral specimens. The top-quality emerald, ruby, aqua, amethyst, peridot can be found in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Natural Gemstone Pendants

All Pendants in gemstones are made of pure natural gemstones. There is no synthetic or imitation of gemstones on Folk Market. Pendants are liked by people for many reasons. They like to wear it. They match the crystal healing sones with their birthstones and purchase it.

Crystal Healing Pendants

Many people like single gems pendant and some like a combination of gemstones in one pendant chain. Some like with sterling silver 925 and some like in crochet/macrame art styles. In any form, pendants are always stunning and awesome if they are natural.



Tiger Iron eye
Many more

Metal Used in Natural Gemstone Pendants

Mostly gemstone pendants are made with Sterling Silver 925. There is also another art called macrame art or crocheting. Natural Gemstones are wrapped or knitted with crocheting using thick yarn. There are many beautiful designs in macrame natural gemstone pendants. They look gorgeous. There is also the availability of custom orders on Folk Market regarding gold plated pendants.


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