This was the right time to introduce our products at the local level in the Lahore Market of Pakistan. People want something new and something extraordinary. In the gemstone and jewelry business, one has to offer something different and have to be very very trendy. This is what Folk Market has offered in its latest event organized by Wexnet and SAARC together in its International Mega event 2015 at Expo Center, Lahore, Pakistan. The date of the event was 4th December 2015 to 6th December 2015. The timings of the event were from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at night. However, the event went till late at night after 9:00 PM.

Folk Market offered a huge variety of jewelry and gemstones. Each of our items was unique and had self-importance. The astonishing side at our stall was of people's great interest in Folk Market trendy products. They saw a new and unique presentation of products at our booth. This helped them to understand how to wear antique/vintage items or how to decorate themselves with natural gemstones. There was also a birthstone chart which helped the visitors to get an idea of their birthstones. The idea of the birthstone chart was fixed on the request of visitors. Folk Market exposure to the international market helped in offering trending items to the local customers during the exhibition.

This event gave opportunity not only to present local crafters of SAARC countries but more it attracted local crafters of Pakistan. This is the right time where Folk Market presented its work done by local workman. At Folk Market booth, one could view a variety of products such as antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, thai jewelry, traditional wears, tribal/gypsy jewelry, handmade jewelry, natural gemstones silver jewelry, natural cut gemstones variety and a lot of other stuff.

The customers took interest and were keenly looking at each item. It was not sure that the Lahore market will capture people’s attention in terms of Natural Gemstones. Placing gemstone specimens increased their interest in gemstones. There were many gems and jewelry designers who had a keen interest in each item of gemstones.

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