How to Start a Jewelry Making Business: A Few Tips

How to Start a Jewelry Making Business: A Few Tips


Many people start jewelry making as a hobby. But when their handmade crafting is appreciated by the people, they start thinking about initiating a legitimate jewelry making business. They want to give turn their handcrafted masterpiece into realistic business. However, they do not understand how to start and what to do before stepping into regular jewelry making business. 

 Jewelry Making Ideas

Jewelry designing or jewelry making is comparatively a low investment business with minimum requirement of crafting skills. Jewelry making is the most popular item to make and sell online . It can help anyone in making money. It is not difficult to make money online . If you want to know about making money online, here are a few tips that how you can make money online. This can help you in understanding and making money online.
Making money online in Jewelry Businesses

Though having a passion, skills and motivation for your jewelry making business, there are still many factors playing role with different types of complications. You will also see lot of people in jewelry business. So there is tough competition also. In 2018, jewelry market business was comprising $348 billion. It’s over crowded market. But there is till a place for beginners. Especially, if you are into traditional jewelry business, you have always a space for your creation. 

Starting Jewelry Designing Business

Do you want a profitable jewelry business, this stuff is for you to consider. There are many phases of starting a jewelry making business such as from conception to designing and to production and to final marketing of goods.

  1. First step of jewelry business
  2. Know about Jewelry Trends 
  3. Build your brand
  4. Learn about production of jewelry 
  5. Photography of Jewelry 
  6. How to sell jewelry online 
  7. Marketing Jewelry Online 
  8. Handling Customers

 1st steps to Start Jewelry Business

Jewelry business is based on two categories fashion and fine jewelry. It depends on your interest where your jewelry designing fit in them. Each of them has different material type, pricing factors, production processes and customers ’Interests. 

Fine jewelry

  • This is created with using of precious and semi-precious gemstones 
  • use of precious and semi precious metal such as gold, silver , copper etc 
  • Such type of jewelry gives high price 
  • It is made with excellent skills and not massively produced. 
  • this type of jewelry is a luxury item. Wedding rings, engagement rings are some example 

Fine Jewelry for Weddings Engagements

Fashion jewelry

  • Such jewelry revolves around trends and fashion of the time. 
  • The making of such type of jewelry is inexpensive or less expensive metals and materials such as  beads, wire, plated metal, plastic, synthetic gems, etc. Wirewrapped jewelry is example of it. Another example is gypsy jewelry , boho jewelry , kuchi jewelry or tribal jewelry 
  • Low price 
  • Can be mass produced
  • For the everyday customers 

Fashion Jewelry Rainbow Sapphires

Mixed Type of Jewelry 

  • There is another type of jewelry in between of both of above jewelry. This type is made by using semi precious stones, metals such as silver 925 with highly skilled craftsmanship 
  • It focuses on designing , uniqueness something different 
  • Price goes from lower to medium range
  • such type of jewelry is given as a gift on different occasions.

Mixed Type Jewelry

After narrowing down above categories, it’s time to focus on your customer types. This will determine how you market them to your audience.

Jewelry trends

Another step in starting jewelry making business online, there is another step for searching about jewelry trends at current time. You can do following while searching jewelry trends.

  • Read fashion and jewelry blogs 
  • Follow influencers
  • watch out jewelry trends they are using 
  • Use Google , Yahoo, Bing to see global search volume for your items
  • look at social media 

Jewelry Trends Ideas

However, you don’t need to follow trends. Just take ideas and make your own unique business. Launch your collection on your personal style. Making unique jewelry will give you space in big jewelry business market. 

Search jewelry designing inspiration

Success as a beginner in any form of the fashion industry depends on uniqueness, strong aesthetic, design variations and consistent branding and marketing. Before going into engagement with Amy design, run through a few experiments to define your overall signature style.

Building your jewelry brand

Remember one thing that a brand is different than branding. Brand is explanation of your voice, mission, vision. It is like a communication channel between you and your customer. Your customer can feel your product through a brand. 


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