How to Use Crystal to Make Handmade Crystal Jewelry?

How to Use Crystal to Make Handmade Crystal Jewelry?

You have crystals but worried about how to use crystals to make handmade crystal jewelry? Raw gemstones are natural stones which are extracted from the mine. Rough stones come in different crystal structure. Rough crystals are untouched, uncut, unpolished and untreated. They have original value. Many people with having belief on crystal healing would like to buy only natural stones instead imitation or synthetic stones. Natural Crystals are popular choice for handmade jewelry in combination with traditional art and designs. With having raw gemstones and crystals, you can decide how to make their best use. Jewelry is the best choice to raw crystals.

Boho designs and festive designed jewelry is comprising on use of tribal jewelry accessories and natural crystals or tumbled stones. There are also other styles and jewelry making ideas by which crystals can be used in jewelry designing. Here are a few we will discuss one by one.

  1. Use of Crystals in Boho style jewelry or Bohemian Style Jewelry
  2. Wire wrapped Jewelry designs with the help of crystals
  3. Silver Jewelry and crystals
  4. Gold Plated Jewelry for precious stone crystals
  5. Crystal Healing Pendants
  6. Handmade Macramé Jewelry with Crystals

1- Boho Style Tribal Jewelry

Boho style jewelry is very popular in which different crystals are used along with tribal and gypsy touch. Sometimes peacock feathers are used in this jewelry. This is also called bohemian jewelry. Various types of tumbled stones, cabochons especially turquoise cabochons are used in making boho jewelry.

Boho crystal necklace for sale

2- Handmade Wire wrapped jewelry with the use of Crystals

Wire wrapped jewelry is a trend setter jewelry in handmade jewelry. There are tons of ideas for wire wrapped jewelry using natural raw gemstones and crystals. Wire wrapped jewelry include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, head piece and much more. Most popular are wire wrapped pendants using raw crystals. 

Small crystals like tourmaline, spinels, water melon tourmaline are one of the favorite stones used for wire wrapped jewelry. 


Tourmaline wirewrapped ring Tourmaline crystal wirewrapped jewelry

If you love to decorate yourself with pretty jewelry, save your money to make wire-wrapped crystal earrings or rings for you. It will be quite fun to play with crystals in wire wrapping. 

3- Raw Crystals in Silver jewelry

Set raw crystal or gemstones in beautiful sterling silver jewelry. It might be a tricky to use crystals in silver jewelry. You need select any crystal either in points or a chunk form. Those points or chunks will be fixed in silver frames either in form of ring, or pendants, or earrings. 

Crystals in raw form are used in silver rings, pendants, earrings. For example,

Raw Gemstones in Silver JewelryRaw Amethyst Silver Jewelry

4- Raw Crystals in Gold Jewelry

 Crystals are also used in gold jewelry. For this purpose, precious stone crystals are selected such as emeralds, tanzanite, sapphire, rubies, spinels. They are adjusted into gold jewelry. They are sold at high end precious stone jewelry. Raw Emerald crystals or Raw Tanzanite crystals give awesome feeling in form of rough adjusted into gold jewelry such as rings, pendants, or earrings. 

Tanzanite crystal with Gold Emerald Crystal on Gold Jewelry

5- Crystal Healing Pendants

Crystals are also used in silver sterling pendants. They are popular as crystal healing pendants. They are made by silver sterling 925. Many natural crystals are used in raw form exactly in their original formation. However some crystals are slightly polished to give them a crystal look before fixing in silver chains and hooks. Popular gemstones or crystals for pendants are amethyst, agate, rose quartz, quartz points, faden quartz, lapis lazuli, black tourmaline, hessonite garnet, tourmaline, black tourmaline, peridots, diamond quartz crystals and many others. 

Crystals Pendants for Sale

6- Handmade Macramé Jewelry with Raw Crystals

Ever dreamed of making your own macramé earring or ring or a necklace? Macramé jewelry is the right choice. Use of crystals make macramé jewelry art quite unique. Crystals points are used or raw gemstone chunks are used to wrap them with colorful yarn. Yarn is used by making different knots to wrap the yarn around the raw crystals or gemstones. yarn wrapped macramé include pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets especially. 

Macrame Crystals Crystals with Macrame Jewelry

 This is very easy to learn macramé jewelry. Macramé bracelets are perfect for beginner and advanced crafters to learn about macramé art. Macramé is a form of yarn making cords. The cords are knotted instead woven. Friendship macramé bracelets are poplar for friendship gift. The knotted technique can be used to make different type of jewelry using raw crystals. 

Jewelry making tools are available online or any near by store. you can find many ideas or inspiration on jewelry making articles, videos and blogs.

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