History of Kuchi Jewelry

Kuchi jewelry is local ethnic jewelry of the Afghan / Pashtun tribe " Kuchi ". Kuchi tribal people move from one place to another. They are basically nomadic gypsies who live around mountainous regions of Afghanistan and the western side of Pakistan. They are also known as Pakhtun or Pashtun. Kuchi tribes also have been wandering around Central Asia, Middle East. However, the culture has remained in most parts of Afghanistan and northwest Pakistan. 

Kuchi Jewelry

What is Kuchi?

The word " Kuchi" actually is from a Persian word which means " Migration". Kuchi is a tribe of the Pashtun nation. They roam around the country or region mainly originating from " Afghanistan". They ave been wandering around silk road for about 3000 years.

Jewelry Designs

One can be fascinated by the history currently looking at their wears such as dresses, jewelry especially which are still alive. The particular designs of Kuchi Dresses and jewelry designs show tribal energy. Their creative artistic sense gives us an amazing feeling of their tribal culture. The culture that has value and meaning for them. There are further many styles and designs available in Kuchi jewellery. Such as necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, forehead wears, footwears, bangles, earrings, rings.

What is used in Kuchi Jewelry?

They are settled with sometimes natural gemstones such as lapislazulli, agate, onyx, serpentine, glass, mirrors, metals like german silver, silver, copper, iron. Lapislazulli gemstones are found mostly in Afghanistan, so one can see the use of lapis in most of the kuchi jewelry. Apart from gemstones, kuchi jewelry is also designed by using beads, mirror work, yarn, coins from Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan mainly. 


Kuchi Versus Gypsy jewelry

Kuchi jewelry gives a glamourous appearance to the gypsy jewelry lover. It gives a variety of designs and jewelry accessories to invent new forms of gypsy jewelry. Jewelry designers use kuchi jewelry for making jewelry like Boho jewelry, gypsy jewelry. The mesmeric collection of kuchi jewelry gives the spirit of ancient gypsy style or gypsy tribes to that of western. The west is still fascinated by the gypsy style. Kuchi jewelry provides all flavor of gypsy jewelry. 

Kuchi Jewelry


Value of Wholesale Kuchi jewelry

Folkmarket collects kuchi jewelry mainly from northwest of Pakistan along with the silk road. We provide wholesale kuchi jewelry in bulk. Jewelry designers can buy wholesale kuchi jewelry which will give them an opportunity to design their jewelry. Kuchi jewelry has lot of varieties to be reused in new glamorous designs. 


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