Let Us Have a look at What is Traditional Clothing?

Let Us Have a look at What is Traditional Clothing?

Human beings first priority that developed with other attributes of human civilization was their covering bodies. From covering bodies with leaves, it gradually developed towards making of dresses by use of different methods. Different cultures, relogions, places, tribes contributed to give them unique colours and characteristics. Variation of culture to culture participated in the forming uniqueness of dresses. 

Traditional clothing points out the identity of particular culture and area. Different communities developed traditional clothings also related to different events. Even the modern fashion designing also get help from traditional clothing by mixing new trends. 

In Pakistan, there are various types of cultures. The ethnic clothing in Pakistan which is worn by women and men all over the country, represents Pakistan in a colourful way. The different, diverse ideologies of local people has thrown effects on the development of traditional clothing. Pakistna is blessed with many weathers such as winter, summer, autumn, moonsoon, spring and many others. Dresses have also been developed keepin in view weather affects. 

Pakistan has unique diversity of cultures. At every few kilometers, one will see difference in culture, clothing and cultural adaptation. The popular clothing in Pakistan belongs to following:-

  1. Shalwar Qameez
  2. Pashtun culture
  3. Balochi
  4. Sindhi
  5. Punjabi
  6. Kashmiri
  7. Hunzai
  8. Saraiki

Ethnic Dress Maps of Pakistan


There are many many different cultures which are mixture of any of above two, three or have more branches.

1- Shalwar Qameez

Shalwar Qameez is the Pakistan's national dress. Men and Women both wear it in all provinces i.e. Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan, KPK and Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. Kameez means shirts and Shalwar means loose trousers. 

2- Pashtun Culture and Kuchi Dresses

Kuchi Dresses are popular traditional clothing in Pashtun area which is on the north west side of Pakistan. The women wear long and big size clothings like below:-

 Afghan Kuchi Nomad Tribes

Men wears handmade jackets which are popular on both sides of Pakistan and Afghanistan . 


3- Balochi Dresses

Baluchi people wear different types of shalwar / qameez, scarfs and turbaan specifically. Men wears baggy shalwar and loose kameez. Baloch women attire is one of the beautiful. Handmade work is done on clothing by use of different colours of wool and mirror work. An aesthetic embroidery is done in different designing. 

Balochi Jacket for Men

4- Sindhi Dresses

Sindhi people on east side of Pakistan residing, wear Ajrak, cholla. Ajrak is the popular ethnic wears in Sindh. Both women and men wear in different way. Ajrak has mostly block printing by use of different colours along with popular sindhi mirror work and embriodery. Sindhi women also wear choli and lehnga in the desert. 

5- Kashmiri Dresses

Pashmina shawls or scarfs have awesome variety and handmade artwork of Kashmir crafters. Pashmina is one of the example. Pashmina is a kind of wool got from goat breeds which are usually found in Kashmir or himalayn regions. Pashmina is related to persian word " pasmina" . It means " made from wool". Kashmir pashmina shawls or scarfs are famous all over the world. The price goes from $50 to $5000 USD even depending upon quality, art work . 

6- Punjabi Dresses

In Punjab, mostly men and women wear shalwar qameez (shirt + loose trouser), Shirt + Dhoti / Lungi. There are different varieties of Pujabis such as Multani , Bahawalpuri, Photohari in different styles and regional look. Punjabi main culture is wearing " Turban" which is called " Pagri". Along with pagri, people wear khusa (traditionally embriodered shoes) . Women wear simple shalwar Kameez. In countryside, women wear different combination of shalwar Kameez such as Shalwar + Kameez, Kameez+DHOTI, Kameez + lehnga etc. 

7- Hunza Dresses

Hunza people wears also Shalwar Kameez most of the time. However they add with them special Hunza Cap with having bird wing over it. Women also wear caps with handmade embriodery. 

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