How to Buy Vintage Afghan Kuchi Jewelry Wholesale?

How to Buy Vintage Afghan Kuchi Jewelry Wholesale?

What is Afghan Kuchi  Jewellery? 

The Kuchi is a nomadic group of traders. These tribes live a life like gypsies around the central Asia. Afghan Kuchi jewelry has been favorit by the history. This type of traditional and nomadic jewelry is designed with colorful stones, bells, coins and charms. 

Kuchi is a Persian word which means migrants. Kuchi people are basically Afghan Pashtun migrants who reside along Pak-Afghan border.

Kuchi Jewellery  refers to beautiful Afghan jewelry with red, green and blue glass insets. However, kuchi jewelry made today contains a combination of colours like neon green, pink, purple and yellow coloured glass along with the primary colours. Kuchi Jewelry is made up of an alloy similar to German silver and contains nickel, zinc and copper.

Afghan women and girls wear this jewelry not only for looking beautiful but also as a protection from evil spirits and to ensure fertility.

Types of Kuchi Jewelry

Most of the items of kuchi jewelry are for the adornment of upper parts of body including:

➢ Headpiece or Mathapatti has a central medallion along with tussels and other dangling elements. They have hooks to fix them on the head.

➢ Pendants are mostly circular or crescent shaped with tussle like designs.

➢ Nose pins have gemstones with patina, are usually shaped like a rosette.

➢ Necklaces usually contain central medallion with series of coins on both sides.

➢ Rings are large in size and contain gemstones.

➢ Bracelets are usually adjustable and adorned with beads, glass and tussels.

Afghan Kuchi Jewelry Wholesale

Buying Afghan Kuchi Jewelry from wholesale refers to purchasing kuchi jewelry in bulk and at lower cost.

Where to buy Afghan Kuchi Jewelry?

Afghan Kuchi Jewelry can be bought in bulk from the following:-

  1. From Artisans: You can buy jewelry in bulk directly from artisans.
  2. Trade Shows: In Trade shows and exhibitions, a wide variety of jewelry made by different artisans is exhibited.
  3. Online directories: One can find authentic wholesale distributors of kuchi jewelry through online directories.
  4. Online Marketplaces: There are many online platforms for wholesale of kuchi jewelry e.g.Alibaba, Etsy, Kuchi Jewels.

Folkmarketgems is an authentic international online market for wholesale Kuchi Jewelry.

Advantages of Wholesale Afghan Kuchi Jewelry

  1. Bulk Supply: Kuchi jewelry is sold in bulk at wholesale markets.
  2. Competitive price: You can get jewelry at reasonable cost from wholesalers.
  3. Authenticity: Wholesalers usually get jewelrydirectly from artisans, so their products are authentic.
  4. Variety: A wide range of kuchi jewelry is available at wholesale market. So it’s easier to get the specific kind of jewelry that is sought after by the customer.
  5. Consistent Supply: Wholesalers assure consistent and uninterrupted supply of jewelry to the customer thus contributing in business support.

Factors to be considered while buying Kuchi Jewelry

  1. Authenticity: The customer should confirm authenticity by asking about the artisans, registration certificate and going through the reviews of other customers.
  2. Quality: Customer should ask detailed questions about materials used in designing of jewelry.
  3. Pricing: Negotiate about the prices of jewelry with the wholesaler to get the best possible deal.
  4. Return and Refund Policy: Customer should get information about return and refund policy in case he is not satisfied with the jewelry.

So, kuchi jewelry holds significant importance in Afghan culture. In the modern era, it is also cherished worldwide due to its unique designs.

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