What is the best way to buy raw crystals?

What is the best way to buy raw crystals?

What are raw crystals?

Crystals are the solid entities composed of atoms, molecules arranged and aligned together in a definite repetitive pattern manifesting the internal structural chemistry and pattern. Crystals are naturally occurring objects that have been always adorned in different centuries because of their major unique properties. Crystals are cut and polished in the form of different unique gemstones. Polished gemstones are made up of minerals when cut and shaped in different forms to create jewelry accessories.

Some of the most popular crystals used in jewelry are 

  • Amethyst, a purple crystal stone
  • Clear quartz, a clear transparent stone
  • Rose quartz, a pink coloured stone
  • Lapis Lazuli, a blue coloured stone.

Crystals in Ancient Times

During the ancient cultures and communities like Egyptians, Greeks, Romans crystals are believed to have transcendental, mystical and inexplicable healing and spiritual properties that were of great value in many kingdoms as well as for religious, rituals and divine purposes.

Hinduism associates the crystals with chakras for emotional healing and balancing of bodily energies.

The conventional and orthodox Chinese culture have a belief that crystals are the gateways of vital force and capacity.

Crystals have Healing Properties

Crystals hold healing, spirituality, wisdom, luck, warmth, intuition, love, happiness, emotional healing like abilities. The popularity of crystals in different ages and eras is because of the beliefs on their imperial nature and eternal metaphysical existence.Crystals are believed to coexist with other healing applications and implementations such as Reiki, aromatherapy, meditation etc.

Here are some different crystals having their unique properties of healing and wellness

Amethyst for promoting tranquility, calmness and spiritual wellbeing.

Clear quartz for reinforcing the positive energies and clearing out negativities and for spiritual growth

Citrine, a success stone, for wellbeing, luck, prosperity and emotional healing.

What are Popular Types of Raw Crystals?

The 6 foremost and leading raw crystals are

  1. Rough Amethyst, the prevalent and admired raw crystal that has the ability to combat the negativity, mental stress and anxiety and focusing on the positive energies,calmness and spiritual growth.
  2. Raw Black Tourmaline, having the potent and worthwhile healing property and thus creates a balance in energies by deeply cleansing the soul, minds, clarifying the thoughts resulting in peace, purity and calmness.
  3. Rough Rose Quartz, the second most beautiful raw crystal for love, attraction, warmth, kindness, benevolence, self-realization, revival, beauty, charm and humanity.
  4. Uncut Clear Quartz, possess mirror like properties that is indicative of clearness, clarity, purifying and cleansing. Metaphysically, it is ideal for purifying and cleansing the mind, emotions and thoughts.
  5. Rough Citrine, for self-actualization, self-realization and personal growth and to amplify self-growth as well as self-confidence.
  6. Uncut Green Aventurine, for renewal and optimism in life.

What are Options for buying a rough crystal?

There are many options and different platforms are available for purchasing raw and rough crystals, some of these are:

  1. Online availability on web stores such as Folkmarket has a variety of stones and crystals each with recognizable and discrete properties, such as Amethyst , Black Tourmaline, Quartz, Blue Kyanite
  2. Localized or community-based gem stores
  3. Wholesale suppliers such as we are at Folkmarket

Some Tips before you take step to buy a crystal

Here are some tips as well as precautions while seeking for a genuine crystal of desire.

  1. Use your instincts and be clairvoyant about what you exactly like and want about the crystal while having a clear knowledge about its properties as well as its effects on your mind and personality.
  2. Crystal attractiveness, look for the rarity about the crystals as they also have a large positive and aesthetic impact to your surroundings as well.
  3. Crystal characteristics and properties, with a deep impact on wellbeing, personal growth, thoughts, emotions and body energies. A clear understanding of this aspect is worthwhile to buy a crystal.
  4. Crystal structure and configuration, as these aspects are symbolic of their meaning as well as the virtue and utility. There are different alignments and arrangements of crystal such as sphere, clusters, beads, towers, pyramids, gems, standalone stone etc.
  5. Upskill yourself through a knowledgeable education and awareness about crystals, their formation, benefits and impact on personal growth as well as the surroundings.
  6. Purchase from creditable sources via reference and documentation.
  7. Evaluate physically by closely examining a crystal features like shape, colour, texture etc to look for any signs of detectable defects or damages and to ensure the authenticity of the crystal in terms of its properties and features in a wide spectrum.
  8. Crystal speculation and expenditure on basis of the rarity of their characteristics as well as market value.
  9. Cost considerations and market price value may have certain variations that should be addressed keenly as it complies both as a red flag sign as well as a main caution or tip in terms of the authenticity, real and genuine variations in a crystal.

Do Research before Buying Crystals

While having a final decision about any crystal, proper research and analysis is crucial for making decisions. You must be clear about buying crystal why you are going to buy. If it is about metaphysical properties and benefits, you must have a clear understanding of the crystal's existence in your life, ultimately leading to the idea of purchasing them.

Following areas must be covered while researching about a crystal and securing a wise decision based upon the option, selection and judgment of the choice.

  1. Assimilate and comprehend the characteristics a particular crystal has. This constitutes one of the basic strategies while researching for a particular crystal. An extensive and profound understanding of the properties can be made via articles, blogs, webstores, online platforms, and professional specialists.
  2. Selection must be objective based on personal choice.

Why Do I Buy Raw Crystals and What are their benefits?

Why one should buy crystals raw form, here are some benefits listed below:-

  • Crystal energies are said to hold more significant effects if held as in raw form. This accounts for the most important aspect of the research about crystal as it defines the major everlasting impact of the crystal properties such as healing both emotional, spiritual, wisdom, luck, happiness, harmony in association with the origin, history and beliefs about crystal in different culture systems.
  • If one is a lapidary artist, raw crystals price will be less than polished. Bulk raw crystal buying can cut your cost and give you benefits
  • If you are buying raw crystals, it is more likely that you are going to buy original stones. 

Ensure Ethical Sourcing of Crystals

Ethical sources must be ensured as it has major influence on the wellbeing based upon the practices for crystal mining in a particular environment.

  1. Choose the sellers who are transparent in their gemstone dealings
  2. Buy from sellers who follow fair trade practices
  3. Select the sellers who ensure community development initiatives also such as health care
  4. Consider vintage gemstones. This will help in reducing demand for new mining and less environmental damage. 
  5. Look for crystals where they are mined and from where they come in whom hands.
  6. Avoid conflicting gemstones such as conflicting with human rights abuses, such as blood diamonds
  7. Buy gemstones which are sourced by following environment friendly practices such as no harm to forests, humans during mining processes
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