April Birthstone: Diamond Birthstone Meaning and History

April Birthstone: Diamond Meaning and History

Introduction of Diamond as April Birthstone-

Diamond is considered to be the traditional birthstone of April. So, the lucky gemstone for those born in April is the Diamond. Not only of April, diamonds are also believed to be mystical birthstone of August.

In terms of Astrology, the zodiac signs related to Diamond are Aries and Leo, the two fire signs in the zodiac.

Moreover, the gemstones for 10th,60th and 75th wedding anniversaries are diamonds. Diamond is a hot stone for engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond wedding bands.

Why is April’s birthstone a Diamond?

As the birthstone of April, diamond has a copious history.

Diamond has been recognized as the April stone since the Medieval times. Since diamond is the stone of “love”, this stone is for loving and caring people born in April. Also it is believed that the people born in April are lucky enough to get their eternal love and true relationships.

Diamond Birthstone Meaning and History

The word Diamond is originated from Greek word Adamas which means invincible.

In Sanskrit, diamond is called Vagra  meaning thunderbolt because it was the belief of people that the god of storms, Indra sent a lightning bolt which when struck the earth resulted in the formation of diamonds.

Diamonds have been reverred as an emblem of wealth

for centuries. Confucius said, “It is better to be a flawed diamond than being a flawless pebble.”

Diamonds command a phenomenal fascination and admiration not only in human history but even today.

It was believed that the tips of Cupid’s arrows had diamonds and this enhanced wearer’s power. 

In the realm of spirituality and royalty, diamonds hold a great significance. Diamonds symbolize invincibility, wealth, love, loyalty and power.

Diamonds were discovered between the years 2500 BC to 300 BC. However, the tradition of use of diamonds as wealth started in India. The wealthy people bought diamonds so that they could store their money in this form.

In 327 BC, Alexander the Great attacked India and he forcefully took the Indian diamonds to the lands of Mediterranean. Then the Europeans stepped into the market of diamonds and set steep prices for diamonds making them affordable only for the elite class families.

In 1700s, Brazil became chief producer of diamonds.

In 1800s, diamond trade started in the overseas. Abundant deposits of diamonds were discovered in South Africa in 1866.

Some of the particular types of diamonds to which specific events of history are associated are as follows:

Hope Diamond:

Hope diamond is about 400 years old blue diamond that is believed to be a cursed stone. It is about 46 carats. 

Cullinan Diamond:

It was found in 1905 in South Africa. It is about

3106 carats being an enormous rough diamond. This diamond was presented as a gift to the King Edward of United Kingdom on his 66th birthday.

Pink Legacy:

In 2018, pink Legacy became world’s most expensive diamond to be sold for more than 50 million dollars. 


Koh-I-Noor is the world’s largest and renowned diamond. It was originated in India. Its exceptional beauty is depicted by its name Koh-I-Noor. Koh means mountain and Noor means light so it means Mountain of Light. This diamond has a vast history ranging from the reign of Mughals to the British monarchy. Today this diamond is set in the crown of the Queen Elizabeth. 

Centenary Diamond:

The Centenary diamond was unearthed in 1986 in South Africa. It is an exceptionally flawless diamond weighing about 273.85 carats. Owing to its extraordinary beauty, it is sporadically publicised.

Regent Diamond:

Regent diamond was discovered in India. It has a vast history in the 17th century. In the 18th century this diamond was taken by French crown in colonial era. Today, it is present in Louvre Museum of Paris. 

Dresden Green Diamond:

This is the largest green diamond ever discovered among the natural diamonds. In the 18th century it was placed in Saxon crown. Currently it is present in Albertinium Museum of Germany.

Taylor Burton Diamond: 

Taylor Burton Diamond is shaped like a pear and weighs about 69.42 carats. This diamond is named after Richard Burton and his wife Elizabeth Taylor. It symbolizes charm and luxury.

Location of Diamond. Where it is found?

The annual global production of Diamonds is about  10 tons. 

African Countries:

For the first time diamonds were discovered on the Orange River shores.

Diamonds are found abundantly in the following areas of South Africa:

  • Kimberly Mine
  • Premier Mine in Pretoria
  • Finsch mine located in the province Northern Cape
  • Bultfontein
  • Dutoitspan

Other African countries which serve as source of diamonds include

  • Namibia
  • Congo
  • Sierra Leone

Alluvial diamonds are found in

  • Ivory Coast
  • Republic of Guinea
  • Zairre


In Russia, diamond pipes are found in

  • Siberia
  • Town of Mirny situated in Yakutia Republic where the famous Udachanaya pipes are present.


Important areas where diamonds are found including

  • Chagma mine
  • Shandong Prefecture
  • Yimang mountains


Argyle mine in Australia serves as the most important source of pink and brown 

diamonds. Octahedral diamonds have been mined in this area.


Diamantina, Minas Gerais has produced an amalgated form of diamond. 

Diamonds are also mined in

  • Bahia
  • Matto
  • Grosso

In Bahia, black coloured microcrystalline diamond called carbonado is produced.

United States of America:

Arkansas Diamond Mine is the only mine that is opened to the public.


Diamonds are found in Sierra Nevada Mountains. Major part of these mountains produces gold.


Ekati and Diavik mines as well as Lac de Gras are making Canada an important supplier of diamonds.


India is an important historical and geographical source of diamonds including Koh-i-Noor. India is a major producer of alluvial diamonds. Diamond mines are mainly situated in:

  • Golconda
  • Andhra Pardesh
  • Kollur

What is the most expensive Birthstone?

The most expensive Birthstone is April birthstone i.e. “Diamond”. Diamonds possess unparalleled qualities.

The main cause of high cost of diamonds is their optical properties. Diamonds have adamantine luster. So a high proportion of incident light is reflected which bestows them with a glorious sparkle. Diamonds also have extraordinary durability and resistance.

Prices of diamonds vary depending upon the quality of diamonds that is determined by 4Cs:

  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat weight

Particularly, the price of diamonds increases as their carat weight increases. The estimated price of diamonds weighing 5 CT is 9000 to 68000 dollars per carat.

Healing Properties of Diamond Stone

Since the word Diamond represents durability, it is believed that diamond is a symbol of protection from death. The ancient Indians treated it as a protective talisman. Diamonds signify amplification, awareness, purification, courage, and strength.

Moreover, diamonds detoxify the systems of our body. They are believed to build our stamina. Diamonds are also thought to be the means of treating glaucoma, vertigo and dizziness.

Diamonds can enhance spirituality by balancing chakra. Diamonds wash away negative thoughts and pain and bring positivity to one’s life. It enables a person to focus on his self growth and development.

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