Folk Market participation in local exhibitions gives us the opportunity to introduce local crafters' work among the people. There will be the participation of many local crafters and handicraft makers who will be able to contact Folk Market and share their art and crafts.

The main thing which Folk Market is focusing on "trending items" from all over the world. Though we introduce local work and local treasures in the form of jewelry and art we add a new and modern touch to those products. This thing ensures the customers that all " beautiful, antique, vintage even never goes out of fashion". They appear in many diversified forms again and again.

The people will be able to see and enjoy local treasures at Folk Market stall. Particularly Natural gemstones of Pakistan will be of great attraction for visitors. They can see, enjoy, and buy natural gemstones at Folk Market. The popular gemstones include Emerald, Ruby, Tourmaline, Peridot, Amethyst, Lapislazuli, Pearls, Diamond Quartz, Turquoise, agate, serpentine, aquamarine, and much more. We have also introduced the Pashtun crafts mainly. Pasthun tribes' antique and vintage jewelry is being introduced in modern styles.

Here is some fruitful information about the exhibition.

What is this Exhibition?

This event is held in Pakistan annually at Lahore by SAARC and Wexnet. The name of the event is " The Mega Event of 9th WEXNET and 12th SAARC Trade Show" .



When and where is the Exhibition being held?

Date: 4th to 6th Dec 2015

Location: Expo Center, Lahore, Pakistan, Punjab

Who is going to hold this exhibition?

Trade Development Authority Pakistan

What is the uniqueness of this exhibition?

Apart from local industries, multinational companies, 50 other companies from SAARC countries are participating in this exhibition.

Jewelry Exhibitions

What we will introduce at this exhibition?

Folk Market is going to introduce various types of products covering all aspects. Among them, most are the following:-

  • Loose Gemstones
  • Gemstones and Crystal Pendants
  • Gemstone Jewelry
  • Antique / Vintage / Tribal / Gypsy Jewelry
  • Local handmade clothing, shoes, bags

One can view event updates on Facebook, Google+ hereunder by joining and inviting friends to visit the event:-


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