Explore Pink Himalayan Salt Rock Creations and Salt Rock Essentials

What is Pink Himalayan Rock Salt?

Himalayan salt, a salt with pinkish tint, is mined from the Khewra Salt Mines in the Himalayas of Pakistan. 

It is 96 to 99% NaCl with about 1 to 3% trace minerals i,e. Calcium, chromium, zinc, magnesium, iron and sulfate. These trace minerals are responsible for its pinkish tint. 

It is used to add flavor to food but its cost is 20 times that of common salt. It is claimed to be healthier than common salt but there are no scientific proofs of it. Pink salt is also used for skincare, purification of air, home decor products, for spiritual and therapeutic purposes. Himalayan Salt Rock is popular and gained world reputation so quickly. Kheora mine of Salt produces every year tons of pink salt rocks in big blocks. Those blocks are then crafted into various types of handicrafts, crafts like Himalayan Salt Lamps, candle holders, salt massage bars and many others. Pink salt is also being used in creating Himalayan salt caves for those who usually have asthma issues. It purifies the air and salt air heals the issues in lungs. 

What is pink Himalayan salt used for? Salt Rock Crafts

There are various types of Pink Himalayan Salt Rock crafts which are created from raw pink salt. Skilled local artisans create them by their skillful hands. Salt rocks crafts are of a wide range of items due to their aesthetic appeal. Here are some types of Himalayan Pink Salt Crafts

  • Salt Lamps: Himalayan salt is used to make lamps that are provided with small bulbs. They purify the air and promote good sleep.
  • Salt Candle Holders: Himalayan salt candle holders are popular for their warm glow. They are cut into different shapes such as square, heart shape, round and many others.
  • Cooking and Serving Plates: Salt plates and blocks are used for cooking and presenting food items. Salt blocks are used for BBQ and grilled food. 
  • Himalayan Salt Decors: Salt rocks are also crafted into home decor items such as animal shapes, flowers and many others. Many decorative items like sculptures, crystals and wall panels are designed for home interior designing. These items add a touch of natural and earthly beauty and feelings. 
  • Spa Bars: Pink Himalayan Salt is a famous ingredient in SPA and other wellness products. Such products are like salt scrubs, salt soaks and bath salt. It is believed to have detoxifying properties. 
  • Bath Salts: When used as bath salt, Himalayan salt releases muscle tension, remineralizes the skin, it acts as a natural detoxifier and deodorizer.
  • Tea Light Holders: Tea light holders which are made from pink salt are used as decoration pieces at homes.
  • Salt Bowls: Salt bowls made of Himalayan salt can make the foods taste more delicious. Salads are served in salt bowls.
  • Salt Plates: Chilled salt Plates are kept under glass to keep the drinks cold and enhance their flavour.
  • Crystal Salt Aroma Diffuser: Crystal salt is also used in aroma diffuser and Humidifier with Ambient Lights.
  • Culinary Salt Blends: Pink Himalayan Salt is crafted into a blend by combination of other herbs and species such as gourmet culinary salt to add flavor to the dishes. 

These crafts present the versatility and beauty of pink Himalayan rock salt. This is a popular choice for both functional and decorative purposes.

How to use Pink Himalayan Salt Rock for Aromatherapy?

For aromatherapy, essential fragrance oils are added to pink salt. Since the polarity of oil is different from that of salt, so the two cannot be mixed perfectly.

When a few drops of aromatic oil are added to pink salt, the oil is broken down into small droplets which diffuse into surroundings and makes the air filled with fragrance. 

Inhaling scented air infuses a soothing effect on soul. This increases serotonin levels in body which creates a sense of happiness. Different fragrances have different effects such as peppermint and sandal fragrances promote relaxation while rose and jasmine fragrances encourage intimacy in relationships.

How to use Pink Himalayan Salt Rock for Air Humidifier?

Pink salt is used to humidify air. Required quantity of pink salt is placed in the tray depending on the size of air humidifier. Add water to it. Salt is dissolved in water by stirring. The tray is placed in humidifier which is then turned on. Humidifier is adjusted at the required humidification level i.e. 30 to 50%.

As it is turned on, the pink salt gives out negative ions into air. These negative ions attract and trap water molecules in the air. Thus, Himalayan salt has hygroscopic properties. Negative ions also neutralize allergens, contaminants and toxins and thus purify the air.

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