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Acknowledging Folkmarket the Best Craft Store Near Me

Folkmarket is the best craft store near me which is offering a variety of unique artisanal items selected from worldwide. From afghan Kuchi jewelry to pink Himalayan salt crafts, every piece of handmade presents the true spirit of craftsmanship and creativity. The stores welcoming atmosphere and skilled management will make your each visit as a delightful experience. Folkmarket is determined to support the local artists while ensuring that each purchase will not only bring you a joy but also focusing on contributing to the community. The ethical sourcing sets apart while making Folkmarket a true gem for anyone who is emotional about crafts. Let’s have a look at top trending handmade items at Folkmarket. 

Folkmarket promotes handmade and local hand crafts crafts to encourage the individuals who are involved in creating unique ideas and want to add a touch of uniqueness in the consumer market.  

Why People Love Handmade?

People have always craze to go after handmade items. They are always unique in shape, material, style, design and look. Mostly handmade items have unique stories and traditionals beliefs behind them. This shows their cultural and regional ideas. 

What Folkmarket Offers in Handmade Crafts and Crafts Supplies?

Folkmarket offers varieties of handmade crafts and handicrafts being selected from all over the world mainly from Pakistan and Asia because of being our headquarter in Pakistan. It is easy to access locals and share their items by listing on our website. Here are few handmade items which are popular at Folkmarket:-

Himalayan Salt Rock Crafts

Pink Himalayan Salt is popular all over the world due to its rare pink color and pureness along with health benefits.

One not only enjoys the handicrafts of pink himalayan salt but also it helps in maintaining healthy atmoshphere at home. Here are some pink himalayan Salt Rock Crafts:-

Raw Crystal Crafts

Folkmarket source its raw crystals directly from the mine and indulge the artisens to work on raw crystal crafts. Our raw crystals are 100% pure and natural.

No treatment is done. They are earthly and ethically mined. The raw crystals are being used in making decorative items such as candle holers, crystal trees, candle holders, crystal jewelry, crystal healing pendants and much more. Popular list of crystal crafts is here mentioned below:-

  1. Crystal wirewrapped jewelry
  2. Raw stone jewelry 
  3. Crystal Healing Pendants
  4. Crystal decorative items
  5. Crystal Candle holders
  6. Fine mineral specimens for collectors
  7. Wholesale Raw Crystals for Crafts

Antique Afghan Tribal Kuchi Jewelry

Antique Afghan kuchi jewelry is one of the hottest items which is liked by the consumers. These vintage jewelry is always unique and has specific stories behind them. They are either made currently in vintage style or kuchi jewelry is already a vintage jewelry made 20 years ago or 100 years ago. These jewelry is collected from Kuchi tribe which is nomadic tribe of Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

The jewelry is made of natural stones, gillets, coins, glass work and many other additions of art work. Folkmarket offers wholesale options for retailers or those who want to make profit from wholesale buying afghan jewelry. The jewelry includes earrings, bracelets, cuffs, chokers, rings, head wears, foot wears and many other items.

Craft Gift Boxes

Folkmarket has designed craft gift boxes which include variety of gift items including candles, jewelry, crystals, home made items. They boxes can also be designed custom and decorated by your own ideas and designs. Select the product and contact us via live chat or in whatsApp or email to start designing your desired gift box. 

Crystal Healing Pendants

Natural gemstone and crystal healing pendants are popular among people. The people want to taste the touch of nature. Crystal pendants include natural amethyst, natural tourmaline, black tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline, agate, garnets, aquamarine, topaz, peridots, serpentine, oynx and many other stones. There are myths against each stone for which they are popular. Each stone is supposed to have a particular healing power which works in specific conditions. The crystal pendants are made of natural stones along with silver stelring 925. Custom orders are avaialble for natural stone pendants. Wholesale and custom orders have special discount. Therefore, contact Folkmarket to avail special discount about folkmarket.

Scented Candles | Aromatic Candles

Scented candles includes large variety of natural stone / crystal included candles, pink Himalayan salt included candles and have many other natural items in them which is making them unique. Contact for custom making of candles using pink Himalayan salt, raw crystals or else. 

Scented Candles For Home Use

Natural Gemstone Jewelry

Since we are major suppliers of raw crystals, therefore we have added natural gemstone jewelry also in our craft store online. The gemstone jewelry is made of silver sterling 925 plus different types of natural gemstones such peridots, amethyst, topaz, emeralds. One can buy their birthstones related jewelry also. 

Vintage Leather Bag for Women

Folkmarket offers variety of vintage leather bags for women which have unique designs, color and artistic styles. They are comfortable, easy to handle and include variety of usage such as beach bags, tote bags, kuchi bags

leather bag for chest- woman bag

Unique Handmade Purses

Unique handmade purses include handmade embriodered purses, bags, or bags made of other material such as cloths, wool, leather, or any other material. They are designs in local traditional and cultural aspects such as kuchi bags, wallets, kashmiri bags and so on. 

Get black leather bag

Bulk Raw Crystals

Folkmarket also offers bulk raw crystals and this gives you opportunity to make your own crystal crafts. Our bulk raw crystals deals have discounted prices in bulk buying crystal stones.  They are 100 % authentic and natural. They are always ethically sourced directly from the origin without involving third party. 

Why Folkmarket is the best place to buy handmade crafts and Crafts Supplies?

 Folkmarket is the best place to buy handmade crafts and crafts supplies because they are genuine, being appreciated and designed by the local artists work, uniquness, originality and versatality. They can be used in different part of life, occasions, events. Here are the key points telling you that you want to buy from Folkmarket Craft Store?

-Wide Selection: Folkmarket offers an extensive range of handmade crafts and craft supplies, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

- Assurance of Quality: Each product is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring top-notch quality and durability.

-Unique Items: The market features one-of-a-kind items that stand out, making it easy to find something special and unique.

-Support for Artisans: Purchasing from Folkmarket supports talented artisans, promoting fair trade and sustainable practices.

-Customization Options: Many sellers offer customization, allowing buyers to personalize items to suit their specific needs.

-Community and Connection: Folkmarket fosters a sense of community, connecting buyers directly with artisans, enhancing the shopping experience.

-Eco-Friendly Products: A focus on eco-friendly and sustainable materials helps promote environmentally responsible shopping.

-Competitive Pricing: Fair and competitive pricing ensures that customers get value for their money without compromising on quality.

-Reliable Customer Service: Dedicated customer support is available to assist with inquiries, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

-Secure Transactions: Safe and secure payment options give buyers peace of mind when making purchases online.

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