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Natural Raw Crystal Pendant with hook | Crystal Healing Necklace

Natural Raw Crystal Pendant with hook | Crystal Healing Necklace

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Grab these beautiful natural "7 Chakra Natural Stone Pendant - Healing Crystal Necklace" —. Wear and enjoy the natural beauty of the Planet Earth. 

  • Size: 5.3*1.3 cm
  • Chain Length: Approximately 52 cm
  • Weight: Around 17 g
  • Total Pieces; 1 
  • Bulk order: Negotiable, with flexible options 

These are Crafted with care, this pendant combines the natural beauty of raibow crystals. The crystals are used as a story of chakra making it a symbol of balance and positivity. Whether for personal use or as a new year or valentine gift, our crystal pendants are  timeless expression of style and well-being. 

Bring the power of crystals and adorn yourself with the 7 Chakra Natural Rainbow Stone Pendant. Order now to experience the perfect style and feeling of nature

Natural Stone Pendant DIY Raw Gemstone Crystal Stone Quartz Pendant Gemstone Necklace For Women 



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