Learn 10 Trending Crafts | List of Trending Handcrafted Ideas

Learn 10 Trending Crafts | List of Trending Handcrafted Ideas

What craft will be popular in 2024?

It is when you're scrolling reel after reel, looking through beautiful crafts that are fun to make — money. Generate revenue from these simple handmade goods that take less than 24 hours to create in 2024! Discover these easy crafts from aromatherapy to tote bags; unleash your inner artist with a low startup cost. Here’s a brief guide to turn your passion into a profit!

  1. Scented candles

Aromatherapy has been in the spotlight for its support and comfort during a negative emotion. It has a variety of floral, fruity and natural fragrances.

These scented candles can be molded into different shapes and sizes that allow you to charge prices accordingly. Plus, incense diffusers help you to offer customization with diverse scents, colors and jar designs. 

  1. Aroma Diffuser

Aroma diffuser is an item that assembles easily to create a pleasant, warm and welcoming aura for a space. It exercises a wide, diverse variety of essential oils and decorative elements that allows one to juggle with customization.

It enjoys different scents and sizes that attract multiple audiences towards it. Get creative with fragrances to enjoy functionality and aesthetic.

  1. Resin Art and Jewelry

It is a highly creative field that masters the vacuum of cosmos and depths of the ocean. It has a fascinating effect with endless possibilities to create art.

Explore the realm of resin with jewelry pieces, coasters, wall art and much more with casting techniques. Resin items offer a variety of customization in color, shapes, sizes and designs. Choose a color palette and play with it to create magic! One must remember, patience is key. 

  1. Rugs

It may seem intimidating; however, rugs are a piece of cake -

to make. If one uses the help of a rug gun, it is only a rather crucial matter of concentration. Sew and sell stunning signature pieces for home decor and workplace vibe. It can help add a touch of texture and personality to every and any space!

  1. Homemade Dresses

Sustainable fashion has caused chaos in the fashion industry. It has driven many individuals to resort to different measures, such as thrift flips. It may be a fashion wear, a decor or a simple customization as per choice. It also allows one to express their creativity in an eco-friendly way. It has a low and affordable startup cost.

  1. Macramé Jewelry

It is an interesting merge between modernism and a bohemian style.

It requires little to no automatic effort and folds into fascinating jewelry pieces. With a repetitive knot style, one can create mesmerizing minimalist materials such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets. It allows one to experience nostalgia and mix-and-match the content with present day trends of aesthetics. Express and advocate for your identity through your art.

  1. Crystal Crafts

It is an attractive niche that captures global attention, exposing more audiences towards this crystal craft. It represents natural beauty and healing properties that counter negative emotions. Therefore, one can entertain a variety of items such as jewelry and home decor with the crystals as the pivot. Be creative with a twisty wire and customize the colors, size, shape and property of each stone!

  1. Ceramic Art

It ranges from functional and aesthetic pottery to decorative sculptures that may represent vibe, culture and interests of the audience. It allows you to get creative with your expressions and offer customization on color, size, shape and designs. One must practice for perfection to handle the fragility of ceramics.

  1. Painted Pots

It has a range of ideas such as whimsical motifs that are versatile for gardeners, home decorators and gift shop owners. It hosts a low production cost and offers customization in color, size, shape and designs. 

  1. Tote Bags

Tote Bag is a versatile product that is loved for its practicality. 

It is customizable in color, shape, size and design as well as patterns and textures as per aesthetic. It requires simple materials such as a sturdy fabric, sewing machine and a few artistic products to imprint the ideas of expression. Tote bag also is an example of vintage bag for women. 




In conclusion, it is a myriad of opportunities that allows many to monetize their hobbies. With such simple acts that require minimal effort, begin your journey of crafting for profit!

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